I believe in one God, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, who loves me far more than I am worthy. I believe in the total depravity of man, our unconditional election, a limited atonement, God’s irresistible grace, and the preservation of the saints. I believe in the 5 solas, and the plenary inerrant (and sufficient) scripture. I believe in 7 distinct economies of God’s grace throughout history. I believe that Christ will return at any moment to rapture His people, and following a seven year judgment of the earth, will establish His 1,000 year kingdom, fulfilling God’s promises to Israel, followed by eternity.

I am an engineer who lives in SoCal, who likes reading/writing and sports. I am a lifelong Lakers fan, and a fair weather Dodgers fan. I am a (self-acclaimed) fantasy football expert who hopes ESPN would one day recognize his talents and sign him to do commentary thereabout. My favorite books (other than the Bible) are John MacArthur’s “The Gospel According to Jesus” and Alva McClain’s “The Greatness of the Kingdom”.


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